Or, why we still deal with a very toxic way of thinking.

I woke up to this:

Now, let me talk for a second about a thing. I’m not even going to the problem of how QA departments are exploited and not paid enough. I of course deeply care about that, but I also think it is a symptom of a much more worrying way of seeing things in this industry.

Something I really was hoping we got past, but I see it’s still there, like a demon some of us keep fighting and never really goes away. As…

I teach an Independent games MA at Goldsmiths and I’d like to write something about how I teach, what are my goals and how I, in general, think about this kind of learning (it doesn’t necessarily apply to all degrees, it’s just the way I like to run it). I’d also like to share a little bit more about the course itself.

The course is called Independent Games and Playable Experience Design. It’s a 1 year hands-on MA focused on the practice of game design and on exploring disciplines where game design can be used and applied. The course has…

Sorry this is silly and deviates a bit from the usual tone of this blog. But sometimes being silly might be the gateway for understanding things, so, here goes. This has been a Twitter thread, bringing it here for good measure. Please don’t take it too seriously.


Who needs a design document? Let’s just make the damn thing already!


Sorry, can’t talk, deadline is tomorrow and I’m like in the flow now.


Oh, I’m working on seven different games right now. I think I’m starting a new one, though.



Photo by Kate Macate on Unsplash

This is the first of a series of letters I’m writing right now. They are, quite obviously, inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet. I aim to make a little book of letters to give aspiring game creators ideas and advice on how to start. It’s less about the tools to use and the skills to develop and more about… how to develop them. Less about what to look, more about how to look. I hope I’ll eventually finish this, and publishing the first letter is arguably a way for me to make it real and to…

How photography can help game design

Personal Note #1

A few years ago I was going through a time of heavy changes and quite a lot of mental challenges. So, like any responsible adult does, I’ve decided to invest one month of pay into something new. Well, partially new. I bought a camera.

I was at an event in London and they were showing this beautiful Fujifilm mirrorless camera, and as soon as I picked it up and started playing with it I got down the memory lane of me as a teenager, using my dad’s reflex to take photos around and experiment with film, aperture and exposure.


If I have to remember one game from the 90s that really left a mark on me as a designer and as a person curious about games, inevitably sooner or later I will go like “Oh, YES! And there’s Loom of course!”.

I remember so much of this game, from the interesting, mysterious character, to the soft, slightly melanchonic scenery, to the continuos recalls to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake (and it’s no mistery, for the people who know me, how much I am obsessed with that ballet). …

Why Animal Crossing is such an important game in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak?

I always repeat to myself, almost like a mantra, that games don’t happen in a vacuum. I find it extremely important to look at games in the cultural context where they happen because they tell so much about us as human and the times we’re living in. This is incidentally true for every playful activity, if you are one of those dying to draw a border between the two (I’m not, I like my borders to be fuzzy to the point of non-existence).

So, it’s really remarkable seeing a game like Animal Crossing out exactly in the moment in history…

Ah-ehm. So, everything seems in order, I feel ready now, so I’m starting. I guess.

Hello everyone. My name is Fede and this is Virgo Rising. Before raising unnecessary expectations, let’s make one thing clear. Despite the name, this publication is not about astrology. For that, I advise you check out that famous Twitter account that mixes poetry and astrology. Won’t tell you the future, but it’s still good for a laugh with friends (tested).

Virgo Rising is a small publication about games! That’s the main topic I’ll be writing about. I am currently a lecturer at Goldsmiths in London…

Between the idea
and the reality
Between the motion
and the act
Falls the shadow.
(T.S. Eliot)

Everyone, every single person who at some point of their life has tried doing something creative has felt it. You may haven’t recognised it, but it has been there. It’s what we call the emotional rollercoaster.

That horrible set of feelings moving you fast and abruptly for thinking of being the single most fucking awesome genius in the world, down to thinking you are a complete failure, a fraud, someone that would never do something good. The problem with this constant up and…

This is a report from a day at the V&A, for the event Parallel Worlds, a conference about games held inside the museum.

Marie Foulston, who is the game curator at the V&A, has done a great job. This has been by far the best game event I’ve attended this year. The main value point is that the whole thing approached games from a cultural, broader point of view, instead the usual “games are cool, now let’s talk technology” way I’m seeing too much these days. That led to a lot of insight and takeaways that I’m trying to sum…

Federico Fasce

Defying gravity. Curiouser and curiouser. Lecturer, Game designer and creative coder. He/him. Currently leading the independent games MA at Goldsmiths.

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