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  • Gaia Giordani

    Gaia Giordani

    Copywriter & web editor, web editor at Cosmopolitan.it, published author (just one novel, for now) and shark lover

  • Eric Young

    Eric Young

    Eric Young is a professional Healthcare writer in NJ. He loves to write and share Healthcare tips and Healthcare product reviews.

  • Luca Bonesini

    Luca Bonesini

    Whole Lotta Nerd

  • martina recchiuti

    martina recchiuti

    Über-ambitious editor at @Internazionale.

  • Giovanni


    sysadmin, blogger, mozillian & admin @mozillaitalia, @foursquare superuser, editor @fuorigiocoit. V.M. 99, continuo, ritento o tralascio?

  • diego franzini

    diego franzini

    Product Interaction designer at Sketchin.ch and http://t.co/Lured8iK

  • Ilaria


    Game + Communication Designer & Researcher, almost PhD. I deal with negative impactful experiences in games for social change to tackle a bunch of social issues

  • Eleonora Pantò

    Eleonora Pantò

    building bridge not walls #community #learning #school #mooc @epanto

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